Dienstleistungen an Bord

Unsere Kernleistungen werden an Bord des Schiffes angeboten. Gestützt durch eine enge und sorgfältig ausgewählten Netzwerk von zuverlässigen Partnern, und durch excellente Kenntnisse der Abläufe an Bord eines Schiffes ist DCR in der Lage, flexibel auf die komplexen Bedürfnisse seiner Kunden zu antworten. Diese Dienstleistungen können entweder als Komplettlösung oder als einzelne Dienstleistungen geliefert werden:

We are able to provide consultancy and personnel that can carry out the hospitality and entertainment programmes on board (e.g. Cruise Director).

The presence of a Cruise Director is essential for any successful cruise. Acting as the public face of the company, the Cruise Manager has responsibility for all onboard hospitality, entertainment and social events. After the Captain, the Cruise Director is the most high profile member of staff aboard a cruise ship. He/she has to identify with and transmit the organisational culture and the values of the company he represents, and act accordingly. Therefore, we have implemented a Traineeship programm that allows future Cruise Managers to develop and understand the nature of this position.

Our work starts with identifying talents with multilingual skills and the potential to be a Host for the guests. Furthermore, the programme continues with a series of training, both onboard and ashore. Later on, the Trainee will start the onboard activity, first as an assistant that focuses on a limited number of cruise activities. This gives the novice some experience in how to coordinate a wide range of events and services that help to make cruises so attractive and pleasant for the paying guests. This period of applying accumulated knowledge while under the watchful eye of an experienced professional can make all the difference refining the skills required to be a successful cruise director. The activity of a Cruise Director’s Trainee involves evening entertaiment games and activities, learning how to deal with difficult clients, what to do in the event that some activity is not working well for the guests, handling last minute changes to the cruise schedule, and responding to queries from the passengers.

Later, as a fully responsible Cruise Director, he/she serves as the planner for all types of shipboard entertainment and activities. Along with ensuring that all social and cultural events are well coordinated, the cruise director also often acts as the main source of information for the guests on the cruise, ensuring they are having an enjoyable experience.

An important focus in the selection and training process is multilingualism. With a constantly increasing spectrum of clients, cruise liners have tourists from different countries, speaking several languages. We therefore select and encourage Trainees and Cruise Managers to develop language skills fitting guest presence on-board the ship. According to the groups they serve, our Cruise Managers are fluent in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and other languages.

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