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Careers in the cruising industry Are you ready to embark in a hotel career journey? Careers on cruise ships are some of the most challenging and interesting careers in the hotel industry. At DCR, we want you to grow, excel, and succeed - no matter where in the company you work. We recognize that in order to be a great company, you need great people behind you. We are, therefore, dedicated to supporting our people and nurturing their growth.  w
Next to offering direct employment opportunities for the challenging and interesting position of Cruise Director, we also offer Traineeship Programs for German -speaking candidates who want to pursue a career in the Guest Relations Department, and have the potential to become skillful Cruise Directors.
Your career path:
Step 1: THE TRAINEESHIP:  You will begin your career as a Trainee, focusing on a limited number of cruise management activities. This will give you some experience in how to coordinate a wide range of events and services that help to make cruises so attractive and pleasant for the paying guests. This period of applying accumulated knowledge while under the watchful eye of an experienced professional can make all the difference refining the competences required to be a skillfull Cruise Manager. The activity of a Cruise Director’s Trainee involves learning how to deal with challenging guests, what to do in the event that some activity is not working well for the guests, handling last minute changes to the cruise schedule, and responding to queries from the passengers.
Step 2: CRUISE MANAGER CONTRACT. Candidates selected after the interview will have the chance of starting a paid Traineeship on board a river cruise ship, period which can continue with a permanent contract for the position of Cruise Manager, upon agreement.
The presence of a Cruise Director is essential for any successful cruise. Essentially, the Cruise Director serves as the planner for all types of shipboard entertainment and activities. Along with ensuring that all social and cultural events are well coordinated, the Cruise Director also often acts as the main source of information for the guests on the cruise, ensuring they are having an enjoyable experience.


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